Vendor Program

Services By Partnering Vendors

The Pittsburgh Hispanic Development Corporation establishes vendor partners who work with PHDC's incubatees.  Incubatees receive their first hour of service free from vendors.  PHDC assists in setting up the initial meetings with the partnering vendors; vendors provide their own rates for their services after the initial hour.

The Vendor Membership Program is designed to connect vendors with members of the Business Incubator.  PHDC believes that the best channel to connect entrepreneurs and the community is through building relationships. We offer different levels of vendor membership: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Each level includes benefits that allow vendors to promote their services and brand, build relationships, and support the community. 

Vendor Category List:

A) Business Incorporation

B) Financial Adviser 

C) Cross Cultural Adviser

D) Accountant 

F) Translation Services

G) Shipping & Freight

H) Realtor

I) Digital Marketing

J) Branding

K) Event Management

L) Marketing Consultant

M) Telecommunications

Included with membership:


Conference room is equipped with flat screen TV, white-board, video projector, conference speaker-phone, ip video camera, Ethernet outlet, power outlets, and Wi-Fi. 

Memberships do not include parking.  Off street parking is available. 

Vendor memberships do not include event sponsorship. Contact us for more information.