Annual Reports

2021 Annual Report

Executive Director’s Message

The Pittsburgh Hispanic Development Corporation (PHDC) began 2020 in its new facilities at the second floor of the Beechview Community and Senior Center. We looked forward to a great year, but within ten weeks we were all confronted with the COVID-19 Pandemic. Our organization was able to adapt and successfully respond to the challenges that the pandemic presented.

The Pittsburgh Hispanic Development Corporation’s (PHDC) role in 2020 was vital on many fronts. Our capacity to offer services in various languages enabled us to address new community needs, both from businesses and families. We became a resource for assistance with emergency funds for Businesses and Households affected by the pandemic. We assisted the community in obtaining business loans and grants, rent relief assistance, unemployment benefits, and new employment opportunities. Our services were vital to ensure community economic development in the region. We did all this while continuing to incubate business.

Despite the challenges, PHDC continued to grow. Because of our work, we are more recognized among members of the community, government entities, private institutions, and other non-profits. More than anything, we are pleased that we were able to help the community.

On behalf of the PHDC Board of Directors, please allow me to share with you the highlights of our annual report that mainly focuses on this year’s programs, funds, and achievements. I take the opportunity to thank our sponsors, donors, and partnering organizations for believing in our organization. Guillermo Velazquez, Executive Director

2020 Annual Report