Career Development

PHDC offers a Paid Training Program for Commercial Carpenters in Spanish

PHDC has partnered with the Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters to develop a paid training program in Spanish for the Latino community.
The Hispanic Corporation will begin an 8-week pilot program in the spring of 2024. This is a long-term professional development opportunity consisting of 4 years of an educational program that also offers work experience.
Our employment program provides assistance to community members seeking employment due to relocation to Pittsburgh from another country, state or city. This initiative specializes in addressing the cross-cultural challenges that inhibit the ability of the Hispanic population in Pittsburgh to seek employment.
In recent months we have identified the arrival in Pittsburgh of numerous Hispanics who are skilled in a variety of occupations, but need to overcome the language barrier to pursue their professions.
This partnership between PHDC and the Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters offers Spanish language training to develop the skills of Hispanic participants, promoting their incorporation into the U.S. labor market.

PHDC and CCAC develop educational programs for Hispanics in Pittsburgh

The Hispanic Corporation (PHDC) has partnered with the Community College of Allegheny County to develop educational programs focused on entrepreneurship training and promoting access to employment for members of the Latino community in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.
This program is part of PHDC's Employment Program through the Career Opportunity Development initiative that focuses on providing our community with job opportunities and professional growth.
PHDC, in conjunction with the Community College of Allegheny County, already offers since January 2024 an English for Entrepreneurs course from PHDC's Business Incubator that benefits about 40 members, who take English as a Second Language classes at PHDC's offices in Beechview.
New course offerings to be developed to support the Hispanic Corporation's clients include: Certified Nursing Assistant (in Spanish), Math for Trades (in English and Spanish); Food Safety (in English and Spanish); Baking and Baking (in English and Spanish).
Information sessions are also planned for Hispanic families about CCAC's admissions process, financial aid and other bilingual programs such as Automotive Technology, Culinary Arts, Plumbing, Electrical, Construction, and Accounting.
With this partnership with the Community College of Allegheny County, the Hispanic Corporation reaffirms its commitment to the Latino community in Pittsburgh by developing educational programs that promote Hispanic workforce training in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

PHDC participates in the Allegheny County Home Repair Program (WHRP)

The Hispanic Corporation (PHDC) participates in Allegheny County's new Whole Home Repairs Program (WHRP) to help homeowners and renters make emergency home repairs.
PHDC is the only Latino-focused organization in Pittsburgh that connects Hispanic construction companies with County contracts through Action Housing Inc, an Allegheny County agency that serves the community's most vulnerable housing populations.
PHDC has a Business Incubator at its Beechview offices, where entrepreneurs are guided to create business plans, cash flow projections, balance sheets and market analysis, and identify financing strategies.
The Business Incubator has more than 50 construction companies in different sub-industries joining the WHRP program. As of January 2024, two of our entrepreneurs are in the final stages of signing up for active participation in the program.
This participation is part of the Housing Initiative, through which PHDC partners with different landlords and real estate companies in order to support the Hispanic community in accessing rental properties and homeownership in and around the Pittsburgh metropolitan region.
Likewise, with the incorporation of the Business Incubator construction companies into this program, numerous Hispanic entrepreneurial companies will benefit from the program and will need to increase their workforce to meet these commitments, increasing Latino access to the region's workforce.