PHDC has facilitated 40 families to rent or buy a house.

(Last update, January 2021)

Housing Initiative

The housing initiative of the Pittsburgh Hispanic Development Corporation is a collaborative effort between PHDC and real estate companies/landlords to facilitate access to the rental market for our community. We work with realtors to find places for individuals and families, along with helping to arrange private financing.

Hispanic Corporation Housing Assistance Program COVID-19

In 2020 the Hispanic Corporation collaborated with the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA ), and the Community Justice Project (CJP), in providing economic assistance to households through a Program called CARES - RRP (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security - Rent Relief Program), to contribute with rent payments, for families in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and because of COVID-19 economic effects into the labor sector, they can’t pay their rent/leases on their own.

The Hispanic Corporation has been a center of resource for CARES rent assistance within the Hispanic Community in the greater Pittsburgh region during the summer and fall of last year. We received more than 200 inquiries and processed 94 household applications with the CARES Rent Relief Program. The applications approved represented a total of $176,831.06 in rent assistance. PHDC promoted the program in the community last year but also had collaboration from Casa San Jose and the Latino Community Center in getting referrals from households interested in applying.

The Pittsburgh Hispanic Development Corporation plays an important role in the community and economic development in Pittsburgh. The organization is fulfilling its mission but we need financial support. There are more people that need assistance than funds we can receive. We kindly ask that you consider making a donation. Thank you for your support! Donate Here

PHDC has processed 94 Households applications of which 56 were approved for COVID-19 Housing Assistance Program.

(last update December 2020)

PHDC CARES Rent Relief Program Applicants per Neighborhood

PHDC CARES Rent Relief Program 139 Inquiries Total

PHDC CARES Rent Relief Program Applicants per County

Update as of December 2020