Partnering With PHDC

Partnering with the Pittsburgh Hispanic Development Corporation is a great way to expand your business into a vibrant and growing community. Not only will it be profitable for your portfolio and require less hands-on management, but it would be a great way for supporting the diversity of the city.

What we do:

  • Find qualified tenants

  • Ensure their ability to pay for the duration of the lease

  • Assist them with filing paperwork

  • Act as intermediary during tenant disputes

  • Assist with translation/communication between land lords and tenants

  • Provide access to our extensive network of independent, qualified contractors

Becoming a partner is a very simple process.

1: Fill out this this form.

2: Our team will reach out to you and inspect the properties to ensure they meet our standards.

3: Wait to hear from us when we have found an appropriate candidate.

It's that simple!

PHDC collects a donation after a lease is signed. This donation is equivalent to half of the first month of rent and it is tax deductible.

If you have any additional questions regarding this program, please get in touch.